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We are a Kolkata,India based website design & development agency focused on especiaaly WordPress,involving a small group of people working under the umbrella of ClickyMind Media. We work with clients all around the world in addition to our local clients. We focus on creating professional looking search engine friendly mobile optimized responsive Websites for existing small businesses, Start ups and professional service providers or Freelancers at any business verticals. In addition to our Website Design vertical, our area of expertise in providing extremely targeted online presence followed by visibility known asSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) We keep ourselves updated with the constantly changing Web Design standards as well as Digital Marketing landscape and all our designs are at par with the prevailing web standards.

Quality of the final stuff that we deliver is where our clients never have to conpromise ever. We create things that would work for you as desired and you can be proud of at the same time.

Why Choose Us

Why India WordPress

Cusom design, cusom features as required, SEO friendly,Highly responsive, Faster loading, Secure and technical support at any point of time


Unique and Custom Design

Our every WordPress project is unique and relevant to the business, SEO friendly, professional and totally customized according to your needs.


Cost component advantage

We provide much more value in every project than the price we quote. Designs we make satisfy our customers to the level they want.


Highly adaptive:-Robustness

Website development is an one time affair. Time to time maintenance is needed butthe you can extend the features any time you like


Website First, Payment second

We present a demoversion customised to your requirementto help you decide whether to work with us


A Dedicated Team of Experts

We understand WordPress in and out. You will get a technically flawlwss WordPress website that works


Completion of Project in Given Time

We dont hurry up things but we try our level best to deliver in time as quoted in the qprice quotation. Time varries as per project requirements.


Ranked as #1 Top Web & App Development Companies


ABC DEF Industry Leader


Best eCommerce Development Company


ABC DEF High Performer Winner


Top App Developer 2019-20

We Promise. We Deliver.

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