IndiaWordPress May 25, 2021

Will My Website Be Mobile Friendly?

100%. Every single website we design and develop is highly mobile friendly and responsive to mobile devices of any kind. Websites we create are made super responsive to any devices and operating system prevailing in the market today. We use CSS Bootstrap technology to render the responsiveness. In this age of digitization, when everyone is….


How Long Does it take to Get a Website Developed?

Well it depends mainly upon your requirement. If it demands greater coding efforts the development cycle will be bigger than normal and for simpler sites, it gets developed within as little as 10 days. More complex the requirement, more man-hours are to be put in and accordingly the timeline is communicated. Timeline might vary with….


What is the Cost of Responsive Website Design?

Pricing solely depends on the requirement specification provided by the clients. Depending upon how complex the requirement is and the amount of time it would take to deliver the project, the pricing is accordingly set in a custom manner. Every clients come up with their own customized and unique requirements, as per the complexity, coding….